About Us

Make, Do & Push! is an award-nominated UK parenting blog about life in the Motherhood Wilderness. The blog has a specialised focus on childrenswear and family adventures.

Hannah (Writer / Photographer / Tea Drinker)

Hannah is a twenty-something Professional Blogger, Photographer (In the Den Photography), and Mum. Although being born and bred in Sussex, she currently lives in East Yorkshire with her Husband Nick, their daughter “Busby” (born December 2012) and their son “H-Bear” (born June 2015).

Hannah started writing Make, Do and Push! back in 2012 as a way to document her journey into the wilderness of Motherhood. It was also a way for her to continue her passion for writing post-grad.

For PR/advertising/sponsorship enquiries, please email: makedoandpush@gmail.com

“Busby” (Pre-schooler and one of the stars of the blog)

Busby is a crazy, feisty pre-schooler, born in December 2012.

 She cites chocolate cake, drawing, and Flopsy Bunny among her favourite things.

Also known as Grape or Bump before birth. Busby is the reason Hannah started the blog, and therefore the star of the show.

Busby’s birth story.

“H-Bear” (Toddler and the other star of the blog)

H-Bear (previously known as “Indy”) is our resident explorer, born June 2015.

 H-Bear cites cars, cuddles and dairy-free and soya-free chocolate brownies among his favourite things. He can usually be found wielding a stick in hand.

You can read all about his pregnancy here. You can find his amazing, positive home water birth story here. H-Bear suffers from CMPA and soya allergy, which Hannah has written about here.

Nick (Husband and occasional blog contributor):

Physicist, Husband, Father and gin-enthusiast.

 You will see Nick pop up very occasionally on the blog!