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Motherhood // To my pregnant best friend

Oh my darling, You are expecting your first bundle. And, as I sit here watching Call the Midwife, I’m reminded of how it felt to be a mum for the first time. The excitement of my growing belly. The joy of hearing the first heartbeat. The shock when she plopped out onto the bed. We have known each other for so many years now. And what a journey that has been already. Your path is about to get even more exciting. But you know me, I’m always honest with you. It’s not an easy  ...

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Combating Loneliness as a New Mama with AXA PPP Healthcare

When Busby was born we had recently moved from Brighton to Lewes; we lived at the top of a hill (with the town centre at the bottom), and it was a very cold, snowy, icy winter so I didn’t feel safe leaving the house in case I got stranded or slipped over with my new bundle. When Nick’s paternity leave finished I felt very lonely and isolated; I didn’t know anyone, I had A BABY (which was a whole crazy, new experience), and I was living somewhere new. If it hadn’t  ...

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They grow so quick…

I’m writing this following a small breakdown of tears after Busby’s bath this evening! I’m pathetically emotional. Sigh.  What started it? Well, she’s about to grow out of her baby bath. I can remember her first bath like it was yesterday; the screaming, her turning bright red (from screaming, not the water!), the fear that she might drown – even though we never let go of her… Afterwards we wrapped her up in her cuddle robe and stared at her in awe (awe  ...

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Family Life

Our Anniversary

It was our two year anniversary last Thursday, and we celebrated on the Friday by going out for dinner in Lewes, whilst my Mutti babysat Little Miss Busby. We started the evening in Bills, sharing a delicious mezze platter to start and enjoying a hedgerow fizz (or two). After a scrummy dinner we found ourselves in the Wine Emporium: both of us are big wine-heads, and were happy to discover they did cheese boards. Yes please! I’m so happy that I can enjoy a sexy, gooey, soft cheese  ...

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Purpose, a wedding and too much gin

Getting ready for wedding: Full make-up? I’d forgotten how long that takes!  On Saturday morning I found myself in front of the bathroom mirror applying make-up and curling my hair. Kissing Busby and Nick farewell I power-walked to the station in the wind and rain, praying the awful weather wasn’t completely destroying my recently coiffed hair, and ignoring the odd looks I received in my wedding get-up from passers-by who, from the looks on their disapproving faces,  ...

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