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H-Bear Updates, Indy

H-Bear // 8 months

Gosh, what a month it’s been! This month has seen the arrival of two teeth. In the same 48 hour period. I take back everything I ever said about Busby teething badly. Her whole teething experience was nothing compared H-Bear’s distress and discomfort. The smallest bear didn’t sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time… and to add to the fun of the lack of sleep, woke up inconsolably screaming in pain each time. He had the hottest, rawest, rosiest cheeks I’ve ever  ...

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Motherhood // Nutrition, Protein + time going by far too quickly

I can’t believe we’re already seven months into H-Bear’s life. I’m not quite sure how life can fly by so fast, especially when I still haven’t had a full night of sleep in that period of time… But, nonetheless, fly it has and it continues to whizz by! We’ll be celebrating his first birthday before we know it. I remember feeling like it took forever to get to seven months when Busby was a baby. I was always willing on the next milestone; hoping she’d crawl tomorrow, encouraging her to  ...

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Baby, H-Bear Updates, Indy

Indy // 7 months

My baby bear is seven months old! Seven months old?! This month has been developmentally amazing, with Indy now trying to pull himself up on anything and everything! Eek! He’s been trying to crawl too, but mostly slides himself backwards… It’s looking possible that he might just give up on the crawling and go straight to walking instead – so fun times ahead!

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My Wild Ones

My Wild Ones // Exploring our local green space, 3/52

Hullo! We’re back for another week of My Wild Ones! Thanks to everyone who linked up last week. I wanted to share Emily’s (Emily and Indiana) post this week as it was gorgeous! Emily’s husband and Indiana had been baking together; it was such a beautiful exploration and full of fun! No doubt everyone will link up snow adventures over the next few days! Sadly we had no snow in East Yorkshire (I know, sigh, we move to Yorkshire where it notoriously colder than Sussex, and  ...

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