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H-Bear Updates

H-Bear // The Nursery Hunt Conclusion

We’ve been on the hunt to find H-Bear a nursery for a few months now, with no success. Who would have thought that finding a suitable nursery would be such a challenge? I think part of the issue is that Busby’s nursery in Sussex was AMAZING! It was a Montessori nursery, so there was a large focus on play, they had lots of access to the outdoors, and it always felt clean. Basically, our first experience of a nursery was such a high standard that finding anything that even vaguely  ...

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Motherhood // Where will you go?

We’re currently on the hunt for a nursery for H-Bear. He’s getting to the age where he’d really benefit from some independent socialising with children his own age, without me around, for a day a week. I could also do with some more work time. But H-Bear is a wild thing. His natural habit is the woods, or a big open space. And the nurseries in our area seem to have small, confining rooms, which lack in outside areas. They feel forced. And I think he would feel shut-in.

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Interiors // Creating the ultimate bedroom for your child

Children’s bedrooms are a very important personal space. And, as they learn to settle and sleep through the night, they will need a space that feels welcoming and comforting to encourage them to stay in bed. As they grow and develop, children need a space where they can display their individuality, entertain friends and generally unwind at the end of a long day. For these reasons it is important that parents think carefully when designing and creating their children’s bedroom space. Safety  ...

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Review // Aloka Robot Sleepylight from Potwells

H-Bear’s nursery theme is “Robots and Dinosaurs and Bears, oh my!” (a little homage to one of my favourite films), so when we were offered an Aloka Sleepylight from the fabulous children’s online store, Potwells, to review I knew we would have to choose this amazing robot light as soon as I saw it! There are so many different designs to choose from (the unicorn was next on my list for our bedroom); there’s something for everyone, and for every nursery or bedroom.

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Review // Cosatto Robot Story Cotbed

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about our first impressions of the Cosatto Robot Story Cotbed. We had been using it as a toddler bed for Busby while her room was finished, and it was a big hit. Now that Indy is on the planet, we’ve built the cot in its full glory and so it is time to share our thoughts with you! I’ve covered construction and bed mode in my first impressions post, so this review is of the bed in cot mode.

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