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Technology // Surviving the Summer Holidays with Google Home

A few months ago, I was invited to attend the most wonderful dinner, hosted by Google, in London. It was to celebrate the launch of their new product ‘Google Home’, and we were each sent our own Google Home a couple of weeks later to put to the test. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Google Home has changed our lives. So much so that when we go and stay elsewhere, Nick and I catch ourselves saying “Ok, Google!” only to realise that we’re not at  ...

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Family Life

Parenthood // Duping Dad this Father’s Day?

Busby is the master of manipulation when it comes to twisting Nick around her little finger – and the end goal is generally ice cream or chocolate cake…! It begins with mobilising the puppy dog eyes; those are usually enough. But if that fails (rarely), then a sweet, polite “Please Daddy” will do the trick. I imagine she will be doing this all of tomorrow, despite it being Father’s Day!

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Motherhood // Twenty Months of Two

I’ve been the proud owner of two munchkins for almost twenty months now, and it’s been quite the ride. The first year of having two children was hard. In fact, I would go so far to say that it was quite possibly the hardest year of my life. The incessant loneliness of living in a new area, crippling anxiety, and a poorly baby who screamed all day and never slept due to his undiagnosed silent reflux and allergies didn’t exactly help matters… But I found the transition  ...

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Motherhood // Is your home baby proof?

The first thought that always enters my mind when I think about baby proofing is Mitchell on Modern Family, running around frantically trying to make their house safe for his daughter. I remember watching the episode pre-children, wondering whether I’d be like that as a parent… And I have to be honest, we didn’t do a huge amount of baby proofing around the house with Busby. She’s always been so sensible, and not drawn to plugs or under-the-sink cupboards. H-Bear has  ...

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