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Lovely Things // Unisex New Baby Gift Guide

My best friend is about to bring her first baby into the world at any given moment. Eek! They haven’t found out the gender, so it’s even more exciting! I’m on tenterhooks with every text and cannot wait to have baby snuggles. It feels very strange to have her join the proverbial “club”. I’ve been a mother for almost five years now and, as one of the first in our peer group to have a baby, I had gotten used to being the only one to bring the children to  ...

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Review // Munchkin LATCH Bottles

Finding a bottle that Indy likes has been quite a challenge, and I don’t think I’m the only Mama who has experienced this issue when trying to share feeds with a partner, or moving onto bottle feeding. We’ve tried a number of different bottles, all with varying degrees of success, but the Munchkin LATCH bottles have been a firm favourite – so much so that we’ve settled with these and have bought more for the coming months. The Munchkin LATCH bottles are  ...

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Review // Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump

We were sent a Medela Swing Electric Breast pump to use as part of the Medela Mum campaign. I was really looking forward to putting it to the test, as I only had a manual pump when I was trying (and failing) to breastfeed Busby, and remember spending hours on the sofa, only to produce a minute amount of milk for her. I started using the electric pump when Indy was a couple of days old to try and bring my milk in. My milk took around 4-5 days to come in this time round, and I was reluctant  ...

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Breastfeeding // My Breastfeeding Essentials

In a weeks time I will have earned my “bronze boobies” for breastfeeding Indy for a whole three months! It’s a milestone I honestly never thought I’d hit after the difficult breastfeeding journey Busby and I experienced, and I’m so proud I’ve made it this far. There have been ten things that I would consider essentials, that have seriously helped my breastfeeding journey progress and continue, and I thought I’d share them: 1. A decent, supportive,  ...

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