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Poem // The School Christmas Fair

You’re tired and cranky; It’s Friday afternoon. You want to go home, And not a minute too soon. But it’s the School Christmas Fair, You really should attend, To show your support, With lots of 50ps to spend. The kids are excited, As you wait outside in line, But your mind is elsewhere, Dreaming of post-bedtime wine.

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Family Life, Motherhood

Education // Helping your child succeed at school

As a parent it’s only natural that you’ll want the very best for your child regardless of their age. Their every step will have taken place under your watchful eye, and each achievement has been a moment for celebration. As your child grows up it can feel as though they are leaving you behind somewhat, but there is one milestone during which your support and encouragement is needed more than ever; school days. Whether you loved academia or hated every moment, it is your responsibility to  ...

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